The Beaverhill Natural Area and trails remain open to the public 24/7. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic however, the BBO is not accepting volunteers at this time and we will not be banding birds until further notice. We ask that visitors respectfully stay outside of our buildings, as we are happy to talk to visitors in our clearing and anywhere in the great outdoors!

Board of Directors

Chair – Geoff Holroyd

Vice-Chair – Helen Trefry

Treasurer – Rose Scott

Secretary – Thea Carpenter 

Director, Website – Darren McGregor 

Director at large – Laurie Hunt

Director at large – Steve Andersen 

Director at large – Emily Upham-Mills 

Director at large – Alyssa Bohart

Director at large – Andra Bismanis

Director at large – Amelie Roberto-Charron

Director at large - Julianne Hayes