Education & Outreach


Public Engagement Program

The BBO has expanded its educational program to the Edmonton area to increase public engagement. Our program is focused on building awareness of the dangers that migratory birds face and letting individuals know what they can do to help protect birds. Through educating the community in the Edmonton area, the hope is that homes, backyards and acreages can become safe stop over sites during migration and a safe breeding ground if it is the final destination of a migratory bird.

The goals of this program are to provide an educational experience that gives participants an understanding of the importance of migratory birds and what they can do to help conserve their local birds. To accomplish these goals we provide talks to grade K-12 classes, to youth and senior groups, and to other organizations in and around Edmonton. Each hour-long talk is tailored to the age group in question. A live educational owl will be brought whenever possible.

Classroom presentations will connect to the Alberta curriculum. Information regarding curriculum content has been pulled from the Alberta Education website, which will ensure that the class talks fit into the current Alberta curriculum. Additionally, discussions with teachers will take place to determine how best to integrate bird biology and conservation into their existing lesson plans, and classroom presentation topics will be planned accordingly.

Potential topics include: Owls of Alberta, Bird Diversity in Alberta, Bird Conservation, Bird Research/Banding (and the scientific process), Natural Areas (and their importance to Alberta), Bird Migration, Bird Adaptations, and more.

These topics can be integrated into the broader curriculum (biodiversity, ecosystems and population change, population and community dynamics, etc.) at the request of the teacher. To book a presentation please contact BBO at:


Annual Events at the Observatory

We host two major annual events in the Natural Area: The Big Birding Breakfast, and Steaks and Saw-whets.

  • Both are open to the public and tickets can be purchased through our website in the weeks leading up to the events
  • These events offer participants an intimate look at various species of birds, as well as the opportunity to gain an appreciation for avian conservation and research, all while enjoying a delicious meal in the woods!