Environmental Education

Primarily in the winter months, BBO runs an active education program. Staff give presentations focusing on bird conservation, diversity, climate change and research to schools, day homes, children’s nature groups (such as Scouts), senior’s residences / associations, and other groups. Presentations are given based on the appropriate grade level Alberta curriculum (when applicable), integrating bird information into science, social studies, or language arts topics. When curriculum is not a suitable guide (eg. not school-based), topics are chosen at the discretion of the group, but are also focused on birds, research, climate change and conservation – particularly on a local scale. Most presentations include information on how to protect birds  in local communities and how to reduce contributions to climate change. In addition to the presentations, activities, such as sketching or crosswords are brought to enhance learning whenever possible. A live educational owl is brought to every event to further reinforce the material taught during educational presentations. 

Topics for talks are as follows:

Preschool: BBO storybook (an overview of the natural area and the idea of bird banding) w. optional supplementary sections specific to bird banding, Owls of Alberta designed for Preschool

Kindergarten to Grade 4: Owls of Alberta w. optional supplementary sections on animal life cycles for Grade 3, Small Crawling and Flying Animals for Grade 2, Needs of Animals and Plants for Grade 1

Grade 5: Wetland Conservation, Bird Conservation

Grade 6: Bird Conservation, Flight

Grade 7: Story Of The Plastic Bag

Grade 7-9: Birds in Ecosystems, Adaptations for Flight, or Bird Conservation

Grade 8: Water Systems, Climate Change & Our Feathery Friends

Grade 9: Habitat Loss and Bird Populations, or Bird Conservation

Grades 9-12: Climate Change & Birds, Birds - An Early Warning System, Climate Change & Energy

Grade 10-12: Bird Diversity, Conservation, and Research

*grade levels K-6 include presentation, drawing/colouring activity/crossword puzzle, and interacting with the education owl

**grade levels 7-12 include presentation, interacting with the education owl, and may include a worksheet


Interactions with the Educational Owl

All presentations include one of the educational owls. Ray or Ricki are Northern Saw-whet Owls, and Colonel Slade is a Barred Owl.


Field Trips to BBO

During the field season, groups or individuals may visit the BBO to see live banding in action. Banding typically occurs from May to October. A donation is requested for large group visits. Please email educationbeaverhillbirds@gmail.com to book a group visit.


Pricing for talks are as follows:

Classrooms up to 30 students                                                                                                           $100

Classrooms 30-50 students                                                                                                               $150

Classrooms over 50 students                                                                                                        Variable

Adult presentations, afterschool groups, libraries                                                                                $150

For-profit groups                                                                                                           $700 or fundraiser



Guided nature walk                                                                                                                            $50

Banding demonstration                                                                                                                       $50

Hands on crafts                                                                                                                                 $50

*10% discount when multiple talks are booked on the same day

Prices can be flexible for need, but minimum fee of $100 is required to cover staff time and mileage


For more information or to book a talk, email