Leave a Legacy

You can leave a legacy by including a gift to the BBO in your Will. With a legacy, you can use your gift to support your passion for birds and conservation. Your gift to the BBO will support bird conservation through general operations such as equipment for banding birds, through outreach and education with our school and public talks, and through the general maintenance and protection of the natural area BBO operates on.

Legacy Options

Gift in Your Will

Once you have taken care of your loved ones, you may consider making a gift to the BBO, ensuring conservation of birds for future generations. Leaving a gift in your Will and ensuring that it is legally valid, leaves a legacy that reflects your values and beliefs.

By leaving a charitable gift in your will, this reduces your final estate taxes (50% in some cases).

How to add a gift to BBO in your will?

  • If you are drafting your Will or re-writing your Will, you can add a charitable bequest to BBO.
  • If you have your Will completed, you can add a codicil, which is an amendment to your Will that avoids the cost associated with re-writing your Will completely. This change requires notarization.

Gift of Stock

Gifting stocks, bonds, income trust units, stock options, or mutual funds is a significant and generous donation that amplifies bird conservation work done by the BBO. There are several benefits of gifting securities including eliminating the capital gains tax and receiving a charitable tax receipt for your donation. Additionally, a tax credit for the value of the securities at the time they are sold is given on the same day.

Interested in donating stocks? Contact your financial advisor who can then reach out to our Chair to discuss– chair@beaverhillbirds.com .

Gifts of RRSP/RRIF

Gifting a portion of your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) or registered retirement income fund (RRIF) is an excellent way to reduce your estate taxes without sacrificing your retirement lifestyle. RRSPs/RRIFs are some of the most heavily taxed assets that are considered income on your final tax return. Registered retirement assets can be transferred to your spouse tax-free, but remaining assets are fully taxed within the estate, potentially resulting in a loss of almost half of these assets. When you give a portion of your registered retirement assets, you will receive a tax receipt for the gift, eliminating most of the applicable taxes the estate would pay.

Interested in giving a portion of your RRSP/RRIF? There is no need to change your Will, you can contact your financial institution that manages your registered retirement assets and list the BBO as a beneficiary. The beneficiary can be changed anytime at no cost.


The information above is intended to provide you with to provide you with options for making a Legacy Donation. We strongly recommend seeking professional advice before deciding which gift option may be most suitable and financially beneficial to you.