Papers, Reports & Manuals

WCBBC - 2019 Program Outline Titles199 kb
Tracking Purple Martin Migration245 kb
The Whirlwind Fall Raptor Tour293 kb
The Toilet Paper Bandit90 kb
The Swallows of Beaverhill41 kb
The Owl Files, April 2004454 kb
The Outstanding Oriole Occupation of Beaverhill Lake587 kb
The Mystery of Migration251 kb
The Luck of the Ibis51 kb
The Accuracy of Wing Chord Ranges for Sexing3,548 kb
SEOW invasion Beaverhill3,819 kb
Purple Martins Occupy Lakeside Homes at Beaverhill Lake.pdf153 kb
Phenology of Three Raptor Species2,515 kb
Often Heard but Seldon Seen - The Secretive Rails of Beaverhil Lake557 kb
NSWO Article, 2001722 kb
Nocturnal Owl Monitoring Guidelines (2019)1,138 kb
Nesting Biology & Breeding Density of Least Flycatchers in the Beaverhill Natural Area918 kb
Least Flycatcher Aging Guide1,163 kb
Geoff Holroyd's Young Ornithologists' Workshop 2020 Add119 kb
FlipGive Instructions289 kb
Face Plant Pond54 kb
Endowment Fund Article371 kb
Encounters of Northern Saw-whet Owls945 kb
Butterfly Fauna of Beaverhill Lake1,010 kb
Birdathon 2003147 kb
Bird Recovery from Beaverhill Lake to South America!547 kb
Beaverhill Lake Sightings 1996 - 2000740 kb
Beaverhill Lake Press Release21 kb
Beaverhill Lake IBA Conservation Plan96 kb
Beaverhill Lake Article 2017 - Sara Pearce Meijerink916 kb
BBOs Participant Release of Liability Form222 kb
BBO Trail Map - 202046 kb
BBO Trail Map382 kb
BBO Saw-whet owl migration 2004822 kb
BBO Road Map20 kb
BBO 20 Years1,384 kb
Bats kicking out House-Wren-ters107 kb
Barred Owl1,687 kb
Barn Owl, 2001412 kb
American Kestrel Phenology1,804 kb
Alberta Noctornal Owl Survey Manual365 kb
Activity - Owl Colouring Page Gr 1-4.pdf122 kb
A Walk Through the Reeds41 kb
A Short Tale of a Short-eared Owl25 kb
2022 Young Ornithologist Application203 kb
2019 Western Canada Bird Banding Conference Notice371 kb
1999 Amphibian Report2,852 kb