BirdBytes Videos

A collection of bird biology educational videos made by Assistant Biologist Shane Abernethy, that average 1-2 minutes in length. Majority of videos were filmed with either BBO ambassador birds or wild birds captured during Migration Monitoring research.

 Learn about precocial life strategies and the biology of a common grassland bird by watching hatchlings stumble around.

 Chronicling the most exciting capture of 2021: the first Barred Owl captured and banded in the Beaverhill Natural Area in the BBO's history!

A brief look at American Kestrels featuring Remi, a new addition to our educational team on loan to us.

The ecology of the Least Flycatcher, one of the most common breeding birds in the Natural Area and also one that's in a bit of peril.

Celebrating another rare capture: the third Pileated Woodpecker captured in our station's history!

Myrtle Warblers are one of the most common fall migrants sighted at the observatory, and come through over a long enough period of time that we can watch them progress through their fall plumage changes.

A short focusing on the unusual nest building habits of the House Wren.

A short looking at the unconventional plumage choices of the striking Tennessee Warbler.

What looks like a thrush, acts like a thrush, sounds like a thrush, but isn't a thrush? That would be the ovenbird.









Videos below this point were intended to fit into the YouTube Shorts playlist, which requires filming in portrait mode. Mounting frustrations with the restrictive Shorts format eventually drove a transition to longer videos filmed in landscape.





Videos below this point are early experimental entries filmed before the field season began in May. While they are still informative, Shane does not consider them to be very good.