Annual Reports

Every year we release a report that summarizes our monitoring, research, conservation, and outreach activities. These reports contain our spring, summer and fall summaries, in addition to any other reports or articles that were completed in a given year.

YearResourceAuthorsField AssistantsSize
2017Spring ReportKevin MethuenMeghan Jacklin, Sara Pearce-Meijerink1,920 kb
2017Summer ReportMeghan Jacklin, Sara Pearce-MeijerinkMeghan Jacklin, Sara Pearce-Meijerink999 kb
2017Fall ReportKevin MethuenMeghan Jacklin, Sara Pearce Meijerink1,147 kb
2016Summer Report Kevin MethuenMeghan Jacklin, Emily Cicon1,221 kb
2016Spring Report Kevin MethuenMeghan Jacklin, Emily Cicon2,682 kb
2016Fall Report Kevin MethuenMeghan Jacklin, Emily Cicon1,258 kb
2016Annual ReportKevin MethuenMeghan Jacklin, Emily Cicon3,511 kb
2015Spring Report Jonathan DeMoorEmily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin1,331 kb
2015Summer Report Jonathan DeMoorEmily Cicon, Meghan Jacklin1,499 kb
2012Annual Report Meaghan Bouchard, Amélie Roberto-Charron and Lisa Priestley Meaghan Bouchard, Amelie Roberto-Charron1,217 kb
2008Annual Report Robin PimmJonathan DeMoor, Robin Pimm1,661 kb
2007Annual Report Lisa PriestleyAnna Daku, Allicia Kelly1,416 kb
2006Annual Report Allicia Kelly, Katie Cameron, Lisa PriestleyAllicia Kelly, Katie Cameron1,436 kb
2002Annual Report Richard KrikunChristine Boulton, Matthew Hanneman, Sarah Trefry1,860 kb
1987Annual Report Stefan JungkindShannon Lord, Petra Stubbs479 kb
1985Annual Report Geoff Holroyd267 kb
1983Annual Report G.R.A. EbelRobert Brown, Mike Casselman, Lewis Cocks, Rainer Ebel, Rosemary Harris, Janos Kovacs, Jim Lange218 kb
1986638 kb
1984697 kb
19921,403 kb
19941,358 kb
19951,417 kb
19911,576 kb
19961,070 kb
19931,706 kb
2003220 kb
2004445 kb
19971,530 kb
2005493 kb
20012,051 kb
19982,189 kb