Photo: Gerald Romanchuk

The Beaverhill Natural Area and trails remain open to the public 24/7. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic however, the BBO is not accepting volunteers at this time and we will not be banding birds until further notice. We ask that visitors respectfully stay outside of our buildings, as we are happy to talk to visitors in our clearing and anywhere in the great outdoors!


The Beaverhill Bird Observatory (BBO) was formed in 1984 combining the interest of various bird banders who were banding birds incidentally in the Beaverhill Natural Area with the monitoring protocols being developed at Long Point Bird Observatory.

  • Prior to 1984, several bird banders caught birds in the Natural Area on weekends with little or no consistency. Their early efforts indicated where bird banding could be productive
  • BBO operated as a committee of both the Edmonton Bird Club and Edmonton Natural History Club (now combined into the Edmonton Nature Club)
  • In 1986, the laboratory was constructed, with two bunk houses build in subsequent years
  • In 1987, the BBO was designated the stewards of the Beaverhill Lake Natural Area
  • Since 1990 the laboratory has been staffed by summer students who, along with a keen bunch of volunteers have been banding and counting birds in the Natural Area